How does Bitcoin work?

The bitcoin network is a global network of thousands of computers linked together by a general log of transactions called the “block chain” and governed by a uniform bitcoin protocol. When you start using bitcoin, you get full access to the block chain. This means that you can see all transactions that have ever taken place or ever will take place.

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Is Bitcoin legal in your country?

The legality of Bitcoin varies by country: from being accepted to being completely banned.
For example, Bitcoin is legal in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cyprus, United States and United Kingdom.
And it's not legal in Russia, Indonesia or Bangladesh.

The whole list of countries who legalized and prohibited Bitcoin can be found at:
Wikipedia's Legality of bitcoin by country

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Getting bitcoins

When new bitcoins are created (now in a speed of 25 BTC about every 10 minutes) they get to miners as payment for the work they do managing the trustworthiness of the bitcoin commerces. After that, they can be purchased directly or "earned" through bitcoin faucets. Bring in take or to buy bitcoins, you will require a bitcoin wallet, that could be web- based or located on the hard disk of your pc.

You could get your bitcoin wallet to get a bitcoin address, that may be in the event that you'd like to receive bitcoins where the bitcoins will probably be sent.

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the Faucets

The faucets are sites that pay you to access and solve simple things, most pay for just entering the page but do not pay direct in dollars but paid in a currency called "Bitcoins" for those who do not know they are bitcoins I will give a brief introduction. They can have all these faucets and deals on their Android devices with our App Bitcoin Zoo
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The Bitcoin is an alternative currency that works on the Internet, has no physical currency but is highly reliable. To use Bitcoins must create a purse (you can download it from any smartphone or computer) after creating a purse and start making money you can convert that money into dollars and deposit it in your account.

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